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Medical Detox Program

Benefits of Medical Detox

24/7 care in a medical facility

Individualized treatment to address each client’s unique needs

Decreased risk of relapse due to controlled environment

Comprehensive treatment approach to ensure optimal results

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Your Wellbeing is Our Top Priority

Beginning the process of detox is a crucial step towards a better and more positive life.

Here at PsychPlus, we provide a comfortable and caring environment for drug and alcohol detox. Our main focus is keeping you safe l, and we offer personalized detox programs to meet your needs.

Explore Our Range of Detox Programs

We offer a variety of detox programs including:





Synthetics (like kratom and bath salts)

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Navigating Detox

First step towards treatment options
A First Step in Treatment

Unmanaged withdrawal symptoms can be risky. In an inpatient medical detox, skilled professionals provide 24/7 care to ensure safety and treat drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms effectively.

Comprehensive care for rehab
Comprehensive Care

Medical detox addresses physical and emotional withdrawal, providing clinical care for issues like anxiety and depression. This readies individuals for a seamless move to residential or outpatient rehab.

Personalized process for medical detox
Highly Individualized Process

Each detox experience is unique ; it is not a one-size-fits-all journey. At-home detox can be highly uncomfortable and dangerous , making medical detox the safe, effective, and comfortable solution.

Detox at PsychPlus

In order to assure our medical detox program is the right fit, our team assesses your physical and emotional needs prior to beginning treatment. If for any reason our program doesn’t meet your needs, we will guide you to an appropriate care facility.

Under the guidance of your attending physician, your detox takes place in a safe and medically monitored setting. With continuous nursing care and an on-site physician 24/7, our team supports you throughout the process. You’ll have daily visits with a psychiatric provider , along with brief individual sessions led by our counseling staff. As your detox progresses , our team provides you with recovery work and assignments.

The average medical detox at PsychPlus typically lasts four to six days, however, this may vary based on your treatment complexity. Once you have successfully completed detox we provide recommendations for your next phase of treatment based your progress and ongoing treatment needs.

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