“At PsychPlus, your passion meets purpose. Join us in making a difference in mental health—one day at a time.”

passion meets purpose

“At PsychPlus, we’re dedicated to revolutionizing mental health care through our human-centered, technology-driven approach. Our commitment extends from our innovative approach to in-person and virtual Psychiatry and Therapy to cutting-edge technology, simplifying the delivery of mental health care. Ready to make a meaningful impact? Join our passionate team and immerse yourself in our mission to transform mental health care.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide affordable and accessible in-network psychiatric care and therapy services throughout the United States. The PsychPlus member experience is powered by intelligent uses of technology including a patient dashboard, mobile app, and a proprietary EHR.

As an authority and a driver of innovation, PsychPlus will solve the mental health crisis by redefining how patients access and receive mental health care both in-person and through face-to-face virtual visits.

Our Vision

Our vision is to solve the mental health crisis in this country by building a modern, human-centered and technology powered, mental healthcare ecosystem that delivers the highest quality mental health care to every American.

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