Your Ally in Senior Mental Health

We Partner with
Long-Term Care Communities

PsychPlus provides quality mental health services to independent living communities, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living communities, and group homes, to provide compassionate and comprehensive mental health support tailored to the unique needs of residents in these nurturing environments.

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On-site and virtual visits at your convenience

Give yourself and your staff the peace of mind you deserve with on-demand behavioral health.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

Assisted Living Communities

Memory Care Facilities

Independent Living Communities

Respite/day treatment programs

Group Homes

Behavioral health, it’s what we do

Commitment to delivering top-notch
mental health results

Extensive community network

Extensive Community Network

We collaborate with long-term care communities across Greater Houston and Texas.

Certified mental health care

24 Patient Visits

Our Board-Certified Mental Health Care Providers conduct over 240,000 patient visits each year.

Ten Plus Years of Expertise

10+ Years

With a track record spanning over 10 years in partnering with communities like yours, we offer the expertise you can depend on.

Our Strengths

We’ve developed a care delivery framework
with distinctive capabilities.

Clinical excellence
Clinical Excellence

Our Providers oversee all psychotropic medications and address GDRs on every visit. Our exclusive technology platform contributes to improved patient outcomes and treatment team alignment. You can anticipate access to all notes and documentation within 24 hours after each visit.

24/7 emergency accessibility

24/7 emergency on-call services to minimize hospitalizations. Capacity to provide both on-site and telehealth visits , offering your community options for new admissions, on-going care, and emergencies.

Consistent Visits

Our dedicated team of board-certified mental health clinicians collaborate with your staff to ensure consistent visits on days that suit your community best.



Complete Collaboration

At PsychPlus, our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional patient care is rooted in a collaborative approach. We actively engage with facility staff, the medical team, and the patient’s family to ensure a comprehensive and patient-centered experience. By fostering open communication and teamwork, we strive to create a supportive environment where each stakeholder plays a vital role in the well-being of our patients.

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PsychPlus serves as a dedicated ally in senior mental health, specializing in providing quality mental health services to a variety of long-term care communities. With a decade-long track record, our commitment to delivering top-notch mental health results is evident in our extensive community network and over 241,000 patient visits conducted annually. Our strengths lie in clinical excellence, accessibility through on-site and virtual visits, consistency in care delivery, and complete collaboration with facility staff, the medical team, and the patient’s family. With a focus on compassionate and comprehensive support, PsychPlus is your trusted partner, offering peace of mind to both residents and the dedicated staff in long-term care communities across Greater Houston and Greater Texas.