Sell Your Medical Practice to PsychPlus

Through full or partial medical practice acquisition, the PsychPlus team will handle the day-to-day of running your mental healthcare facility.

What is PsychPlus?

The current mental health care delivery model in this country is broken. At PsychPlus, we have embarked on a mission to revolutionize the availability of mental health care. We offer a modern, digital-first approach to psychiatry and therapy. We deliver care both in-person at our offices and virtually, ensuring our patients can access services at their convenience.

By combining exceptional medical and psychological care with cutting-edge technology for online therapy options, we provide an unmatched approach that comprehensively meets our patients’ needs. Join us in our endeavor to guarantee that mental health care is both affordable and accessible for all.

PsychPlus Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to solve the mental health crisis in this country by building a modern, human-centered and technology powered, mental healthcare ecosystem that delivers the highest quality mental health care to every American.

PsychPlus Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide affordable and accessible in-network psychiatric care and therapy services. PsychPlus is powered by the use of technology including a patient dashboard, mobile app, and a proprietary EHR.

Running a solo mental health practice can lead to stress featuring a woman using laptop

Running your mental health practice on your own? You might find yourself dealing with the following pain points:

Hard to find vacation coverage

Unmanageable startup and overhead costs

Lower reimbursements

Denied claims

Delay of weeks or months to get paid

No after-hours support

Trouble staffing therapists

Higher liabilities

Delayed timeframe to be credentialed

With the acquisition of your medical practice through PsychPlus, you’ll gain peace of mind and smooth operations with the following support:


Vacation coverage available at all times


No investment costs required


Group or higher reimbursement


Claims paid


Get paid hourly, per visit, or through collections


24/7 medical assistants available


High-talent therapists as part of your treatment team


Decreased liability and medical malpractice covered


30-day credentialing supported by the PsychPlus team

Get reliable support by booking your next mental health appointment with PsychPlus in a few clicks

Medical Practice Acquisition Options

Whether you’re ready to retire or looking to stay on and continue operating at your practice, understanding the options for selling your medical practice will help you make the right decision.

1. Considering retirement?

Our acquisition strategy allows retiring physicians to transition their established practice to the PsychPlus model, seamlessly integrating it with the retiree’s patient base. This approach is highly effective for doctors and physicians ready to retire, as it ensures continuity of care for their patients while also attracting new clientele to the practice.

2. Interested in continuing to practice?

If you are looking to continue to grow your practice but are running into some of the problems listed above, PsychPlus can acquire your mental healthcare practice. We are happy to have you stay onboard and actively practicing while we optimize your practice for current and future growth.

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