Empower Your Business: Elevate Success with Leading Mental Health Solutions!

Boost your global company with excellent mental health assistance, providing extensive EAP options, therapy, counseling, psychiatric services, coaching, and mindfulness.


Upgrade Your Support System for Employees

Support your worldwide workforce with a complete EAP alternative that encompasses:

Unlimited mental health coaching

Immediate phone support

In-person and video therapy and psychiatry services

Critical incident support

Work-life services

Management consultations and referrals

Mindfulness, sleep, and focus exercises


Compassionate Mental Health Support

Recognizing the diverse challenges individuals face, whether in the workplace, at home, or in various aspects of life, we deliver high-quality mental healthcare that adapts to their needs and enhances overall well-being.

24/7 on-demand, unlimited mental health coaching

 Timely access to therapy and psychiatry services

 Mindfulness, meditations, sleep, focus, and movement content


Promoting Clarity, Calmness, and Sharpness in Daily Life

In fostering healthy habits for employees and their loved ones, there’s no practice more beneficial than mindfulness — a scientifically supported method for maintaining good mental health. Our extensive library includes:

Guided meditations

Mindfulness practices

Focus music

Workouts and movement


Supporting every life moment

Our inclusive approach provides employees and their families with instant access to coaching within two minutes and therapy within two days. Additionally, care concierge services guarantee a smooth, uninterrupted care journey.

your team

We provide engagement strategies, leadership workshops, comprehensive reporting, and more to help you deliver an exceptional mental health experience to your team and their families.

Revolutionize EAP with PsychPlus

The renowned PsychPlus brand has assisted millions in caring for their mental health. Its programs and content destigmatize mental health, fostering 5-10 times greater engagement than conventional EAPs.

Leading the Industry in Quality and Outcomes

Our measurement-based care model ensures top-notch, member-centered care dedicated to helping individuals feel better quickly. Moreover, we have published research to substantiate our claims.


Enhancing the Workplace Environment

Boost engagement, instigate cultural transformation, and maximize your investment through:

Live workshops and webinars

Training for managers, leaders, and champions

Support for communication strategies

In-depth insights for improving engagement and outcomes

Evidence-based result


Achieve increased productivity within the first 30 days.


Witness symptom improvement in 86% of members with moderate to severe depression after 6-18 weeks.


See symptom improvement in 80% of members with moderate to severe anxiety after 6-16 weeks


Enjoy a 30% reduction in stress levels after 30 days of engaging in stress management meditations.


Fostering Diversity and Inclusion

Tailored Care that Respects Culture: A uniform approach isn’t effective. Our comprehensive training for providers ensures that care is personalized to suit the unique and diverse needs of our members.

Varied Provider Team: With 46% of our providers identifying as BIPOC and offering in-country care for 200 nations, our services align with the diversity of our members.

Welcoming Content for Everyone: Representation is important. Our meditation instructors and experts come from diverse backgrounds and speak multiple languages, providing inclusive content that resonates with all members.

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials