We live in a complicated world and are presented with challenges on a daily basis. Sometimes it just seems too much when you look around and see pandemics, war, economic challenges, and environmental problems. These kinds of challenges often result in excess stress and anxiety, and even depression. Many people feel like they’re not prepared to deal with these disorienting forces. We are certainly seeing an increase in stress and anxiety in my practice and around the world. When these symptoms strike, we often don’t feel like ourselves and look around for solutions. And there are a number of places that you can turn to discuss your feelings, including friends, family, spiritual advisories and medical doctors and therapists. Talking about your feelings and challenges can be a great first step and usually leads you to additional constructive measures. In the most basic analysis, most humans need certain things to be happy, including something to do, someone to love, and something to look forward to. Working towards these things in your life is likely to not only help you feel like yourself, but also feel like someone you’re happy to be.

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