Getting through addiction treatment can be tough for sure, but keep in mind that following it is no time to let down your guard. Rehab after-care might be a really good idea for you.

This type of subsequent care or treatment is a great way to stay sober and get re-acclimated to everyday life with all its attendant temptations and challenges.

Usually, aftercare involves less regular interaction with care givers than during the actual rehab period, and in this way it more resembles your regular existence.

The post-treatment period is crucial as you work to reinforce the lessons learned and prevent relapse. Post treatment can include outpatient treatment, group counseling and individual therapy. It is a way to monitor progress as well as make changes to a treatment plan as necessary.

Your inpatient rehab staff will be central to crafting your after care regimen, based on their discharge evaluation and your perceived needs. And if you’re under court-ordered treatment then aftercare might be mandated.

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