Do pacifiers help calm anxiety in adults?
Anxiety is a serious medical condition and should be treated by a doctor. There is not significant medical research yet on the health benefits of adult pacifiers. And while some adults might believe that pacifiers offer them relief from tension, such a benefit would only be temporary in nature. Some people believe that pacifiers can help ease an oral fixation, similar to people having a cigarette in their mouth or biting their nails.

What is an adult pacifier?
A pacifier is defined as a nipple-shaped device to suck or bite on. They are usually made of silicone, rubber, or plastic. Usually given to babies to calm them or to ease the teething process, some adults are now using pacifiers with the goal of relaxation.

Can adults become too attached to their pacifier?
Although you can develop a habit of using a pacifier, in rare cases it may lead to compulsive behavior. Addiction is a serious chronic medical disease involving complicated interactions involving the brain, one’s environment, and genetics. Behaviors driven by addiction usually continue even in the face of harmful consequences.

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