It’s been said many times that “we are what we eat.” And as a psychiatrist, I believe it’s clear that the food we put in our bodies has a large effect on our mood, including whether we experience anxiety and/or depression.

There’s lots of research out there on this topic, which is sometimes referred to as “PsychoNutrition.” This research tells us that overly processed foods, including daily staples high in sugar, such as white bread and soda, boost our anxiety.

On the flip side, experts from Harvard University tell us that foods that are rich in magnesium may help a person feel calmer. These include leafy greens like spinach, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. Research also shows that foods high in zinc can help lower anxiety. These include oysters, cashews, liver, beef, and egg yolks.

I highly recommend that individuals struggling with anxiety and depression give serious consideration to what they eat as a means to helping them feel better.

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