When we exercise, a complex chemical reaction takes place in your brain which can help boost your mood. These chemicals include endorphins and endocannabinoids, which can actually work in tandem to fight depression. Exercise also often gets us out of the house, into the company of others and forces our mind to focus on things other than our mood. All of these are positive benefits of exercise.

People with depression can find it difficult to find the motivation to exercise. That is the case for a number of reasons, including that depression can disturb your sleep, reduce your energy, and increase your perception of body aches and pain. All of these factors can exacerbate the struggle of people with depression to exercise. But it has been shown that people with depression can benefit from exercise, and therefore it’s important that they at least attempt to do so.

Many people with depression struggle to find the motivation to exercise, and that includes even leaving their room sometimes. That is why it’s important to understand that exercise in the comfort and convenience of your own bedroom can actually be quite productive. These exercises can include stretching, sit ups, push ups, crunches and other similar activities. If you struggle to get out of your room, then try these exercises in your room and they might lead to you feeling better and moving on to exercising outside.

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