Body positivity’s roots are not as well known as you might think, and are often disputed. But many agree that they started around 1969 when Bill Fabrey, a young engineer in New York, became upset about the way people were treating his wife who was overweight. Over time he launched what was then called the National Association to Aid Fat Americans (today known as the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance or NAAFA, the world’s longest-running fat rights organisation).

The body positivity movement has been an instrumental part of allowing people to accept themselves for who they are. It may not be for everyone but it’s an opportunity for many to be accepted by their community and push their shame aside.

The issues of weight and body image is very sensitive and it’s normal that there will be conflicts about it, as much as we would like for everyone to get along. People need to spend more time caring for themselves and less time policing and criticizing others. In this way we can all support each other better.

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