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At PsychPlus, a healthy mind = a healthy life. Our mission is simple: to improve the quality of life for employees through a flexible approach that fits within their schedule. At PsychPlus, we understand that having peace of mind is fundamental to professional success, and our PsychPlus Membership is designed to make this essential care easily accessible for your team. Welcome to a workplace committed to the well-being and tenacity of its employees.

24/7 on Demand Access to Mental Health Care

Tailored to fit any Company’s Needs

Versatile Solution for Self-Insured Employees

Decrease in employee burnout

Integrated Engagement Tools to Increase Productivity in the workplace

Understanding the Need for Employee Mental Health Care

In today’s day and age, the imperative for nurturing employee’s mental health care is obvious. Studies show a concerning abundance of mental health issues, producing an obstructive impact on productivity and overall well-being. Addressing these challenges is not just a moral obligation, but a strategic investment in fostering a dedicated and high-performing workforce.

The PsychPlus Advantage

The PsychPlus Advantage lies in our unique approach to accessible and high-quality mental health care. Our membership is designed for organizations of all sizes and industries, ensuring a swift and effective response to mental health needs. With a commitment to collaboration, PsychPlus stands out as a partner dedicated to elevating the well-being of employees across diverse workplaces.

Unique Approach

PsychPlus offers a distinctive approach to accessible and high-quality mental health care.

Universal Fit 

Designed for organizations of all sizes and industries, ensuring a swift and effective response to mental health needs.

Collaborative Partnership

PsychPlus stands out as a reputable partner committed to elevating employee well-being across diverse workplaces.

Tailored Solutions for Self-Insured Companies

For self-insured companies seeking tailored mental health solutions, PsychPlus Membership seamlessly integrates as either a subscription service or a direct source of care for employees. aligns effortlessly with our services, ensuring a customized approach that complements your organization’s unique needs. Prioritize mental well-being with PsychPlus, the versatile solution for self-insured companies.

The Cost-Effectiveness of Well-Managed EAPs

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are instrumental in supporting employees through personal and professional challenges, defining a healthy workplace. Well-managed EAPs demonstrate remarkable cost-effectiveness, with studies revealing a compelling $3 to $10 return on investment for every dollar spent on their services. This not only emphasizes the tangible benefits of prioritizing employee’s mental health, but also outlines the strategic value of implementing and sustaining robust EAPs within organizations.

Features of Psychplus Membership

Rapid Access
to Care

How PsychPlus ensures fast access to mental health services, minimizing downtime.

The comprehensive coverage offered to address a wide range of mental health issues.

24/7 Appointment scheduling

Virtual visits within 30 minutes of request

Dedicated 24/7 crisis line for emergencies

Flexible Subscription Models

Explanation of the different subscription models available to cater to the unique needs of organizations.

How PsychPlus adapts to align with existing health plans seamlessly.

Monthly or yearly subscription

Discounted rates for eligible contracts (contact us for details)

Support Team

Introduction to the experienced and compassionate support team at PsychPlus.

The collaborative approach to mental health care for both employers and employees.

Dedicated Account Executive to guarantee concierge service to your organization

Crisis line directly linked to emergency services for crisis situations

Encourage employers to take the first step toward prioritizing employee mental health with PsychPlus Membership

Take the first step today in helping your employees stay happy and healthy.

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Success Stories and Testimonials

Success Stories and Testimonials

We design tailor fit solutions

PsychPlus Membership is a strategic investment for employers and a lifeline for employees. Rapid access, comprehensive coverage, and flexibility benefit organizations, fostering a thriving, productive workplace. Prioritizing employee well-being with PsychPlus ensures a healthier, more engaged workforce, promoting resilience and success.

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Mental health, simplified for you and the people who depend on you.

Provide a clear and compelling call to action for organizations to reach out for more information or to get started with our specialized health plans.

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PsychPlus Membership is a strategic investment for employers to provide as a lifeline for employees. On-demand access to care along with comprehensive coverage, PsychPlus is the one-stop shop for all mental health needs. Prioritizing employee well-being with PsychPlus ensures a healthier, more engaged workforce encouraging employees to perform at their best.