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We team up with acute medical facilities and healthcare organizations

Enhance patient flow, minimize patient overcrowding, and decrease wait durations

Achieve greater positive impact

Expand Patient Reach: Enhancing ED Behavioral Care

PsychPlus stands as the top telebehavioral health service provider for medical facilities and hospitals nationwide. We contribute to alleviating the workload of healthcare personnel and the healthcare system by delivering a comprehensive array of offerings encompassing clinical evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, planning for disposition, transitioning, and post-care follow-ups.

The price of soaring demand

The healthcare system faces an overwhelming load


Presently, the typical waiting period to consult with a psychiatrist in the United States exceeds 5 hours.


Anticipated is a 23% upsurge in patients seeking Mental Health and Substance Abuse (MHSA) assistance in emergency departments during the next ten years.


Nearly half, specifically 43%, of patients with physical health ailments also contend with a concurrent MHSA disorder.

Executive Overview

Our partners have come to anticipate exceptional care in every engagement.

Proven History of Partnership and Cooperation

Boasting an impressive 98% customer retention rate, our clients are well aware of our unwavering commitment to their prosperity. We go beyond merely offering a service; we collaborate to fulfill your mission.

Committed Employed Clinicians with a Focus on Excellence

Adopting a predominantly employed model, our physicians pledge their allegiance both to us and to you, our partners. Our robust Quality program guarantees the highest standard for the services we provide.

Seamless Integration and Impeccable Implementation

We’ve designed a specialized implementation strategy that leaves no room for omissions, thoroughly equipping our partners and their teams for a successful launch.

“Our goal is to consistently elevate the standard of telepsychiatry service excellence.”

“PsychPlus’s unwavering commitment was pivotal in ensuring the smooth and successful initiation of our Tele-Psychiatry Services.”

Addressing distinctive obstacles

We craft customized solutions

Collaborating closely with healthcare institutions, we provide top-tier tele behavioral health services encompassing evidence-based clinical care routes, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional providers, resulting in a comprehensive offering.

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